Doing Diabetes Your Way is brought to you by dQ&A (diabetes Questions and Answers). We created Doing Diabetes Your Way, an amazing new website filled with relatable videos for people newly diagnosed and/or people needing a renewed sense of living their best life while managing diabetes, to highlight that diabetes management can be done YOUR WAY! You can manage diabetes within your culture, with the foods familiar to you, with the physical activity of your choice, and by centering your lifestyle. There‚Äôs more than one way to take care of diabetes, and the videos on this website showcase that. 

dQ&A was founded in 2009 with the mission to create better health for all people with diabetes. Many of our team members have diabetes or a family member with diabetes. Because we respect and value the experiences of people with diabetes, our community has more than 10,000 members. Our members help to improve diabetes drugs, products, and services and are compensated for their time. If you have diabetes and would like to help us represent every voice in diabetes by participating in our online survey community, you can learn more here.

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