Business Development Leader Role at dQ&A Market Research Inc.

dQ&A is seeking an exceptional person to join our team: a highly experienced individual with deep market research knowledge, and professional, nuanced account management skills across consumer and healthcare categories. In this role, you will manage a small number of key long-term clients, and work with support from other team members to develop new client relationships and create new research services.

This role will be ideal for someone who:

  • Wants to do impactful work at the intersection of consumer research and public health.
  • Wants a meaningful, important role with flexibility and remote working.
  • Is interested in joining a team of highly motivated and high-performing individuals.
  • Is motivated to innovate and create in a sector that is changing quickly because of innovations in technology and healthcare delivery
  • Believes in the power of research and insights to drive positive change.

About Us

We are a social enterprise, committed to making life better for people affected by diabetes and cardiometabolic disease. To put this in perspective, this is almost one-third of the US population: 34 million people in the USA have diabetes and another 80 million have pre-diabetes.

Our work focuses on what happens outside the doctor’s office: the daily reality of life and health management. We represent the authentic voices of individuals to our clients, who include major pharmaceutical and medical technology companies; digital health companies; consumer product companies breaking new ground with health-positive products; patient and advocacy organizations; and brand-new start-ups. We help our clients understand the new consumer landscape, build empathy, shape new products and services, and make smarter business decisions.

We are seeking someone who would find it rewarding to steer businesses towards contributing to a better and more equitable quality of life for millions of people seeking better health options.

This position is a key addition to our team: pivotal to our continuing rapid growth and success.

What it will take to shine in this role

  • You excel at building strong relationships with clients and far exceeding expectations. Clients would alwaysrecommend you to a friend or colleague.
  • You’re a seasoned and skillful consumer researcher, with a thorough knowledge of how and what methods work best in different situations and cultures.
  • You have deep experience of how research shapes and positions products and brands in consumer and healthcare categories.
  • You’re a great listener, problem solver, and innovator, actively identifying and delivering smart solutions for clients. You love developing data-driven insights and recommendations for clients. Highly effective at communicating research results, you are a great storyteller who knows how to engage the head and the heart.
  • You thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced work environment and can manage multiple high-priority projects at the same time.
  • You’re a seasoned user of research tools, and a quick study with new methods and techniques.
  • You are a highly capable self-manager who is very effective at communicating and collaborating remotely. You enjoy inspiring and guiding younger team members.
  • You rise to the challenges of working across cultures: international work experience and/or fluency in more than one language is a plus, but not essential.

Our story and culture

dQ&A was founded in 2009 by Richard Wood and Kelly Close. Richard previously worked as an executive at Nielsen. Kelly is a leading advocate for people with diabetes, and an authority on the diabetes industry. Their vision was to amplify patient voices, using rigorous and cutting-edge research techniques. Richard and Kelly both believed in “patient power,” and knew they needed to hear from a wide range of people to reflect the diversity of diabetes. The dQ&A community has grown to cover nine countries and many thousands of people: an unmatched source of honest and authentic research responses and insights.

Our team is amazing, positive, smart, talented, and hard-working. We are spread out across the country, yet highly connected and collaborative. Cohesion and energy are at the heart of our culture. Many of our team members have personal connections to type 1 or type 2 diabetes, others have brought their skills from consumer or business research and applied them to our work.

Core values that are the foundation of our culture, strategy, and success:

  • Accountability and Integrity: We are accountable to our panel members, colleagues, customers, and partners. We always do what’s right for them. We uphold our commitment to our panel members at all times, and integrate our legal, compliance, and ethical responsibilities in all we do.
  • Ownership and Excellence: We’re each personally responsible for the quality of our work. We hold ourselves and our team members to the highest possible standards, both in terms of our conduct and our work output. We believe in getting things right the first time.
  • Collaboration and Communication: We work as a team, always willing to both lend a hand and ask for help. We communicate respectfully, truthfully, and frequently with each other. We set clear expectations and provide honest feedback about whether we’ve met them.
  • Growth Mindset: We have a growth mindset, set ambitious goals, and are open to taking risks. Our occasional failures teach us how to do better. We don’t repeat our mistakes.
  • Work Ethic: We value the freedom to drive ourselves to do outstanding work that goes beyond the expectations of customers and colleagues. We work hard because they are counting on us.
  • Health equity and diversity: We are committed to representing all people with diabetes and cardiometabolic disease, both in our research and our team, because it makes us smarter and more effective at doing our work.
  • Initiative and Innovation: We love to learn and build new skills that help us do better work. Actively seeking ways to improve how our business operates and performs is part of everyone’s job.
  • Mission-Driven and Customer Value Focused: We’re highly motivated to improve the lives of all people with diabetes and cardiometabolic disease by driving business and strategy choices that have a positive impact. This at the forefront of all of our work.

The role

  • This is a full-time employment position with great health and 401k benefits, a competitive base salary and a generous performance-related reward structure.
  • Remote working is very welcome. Our main office is in San Francisco, but our team is spread all over the country.
  • The role will eventually involve travel to client companies, to conferences, and occasionally to our offices in San Francisco. Some travel may be international.

Application instructions

If you think this role, our mission, and our culture are a good fit for you, write and tell us why. Send your resume and cover letter to Your cover letter should also describe your experience with research and analytical methods and tools. Please use the subject line “Business Development Leader.”

dQ&A is an equal opportunity employer and actively seeks an increasingly multicultural  and diverse workforce. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or any other factor prohibited by applicable law.