News | August 2020

COVID-19: Resurgence in Fears for Diabetes Community in the United States

In previous waves, fears around contracting COVID-19 were trending downwards, but over the summer, concerns about family or friends getting COVID-19 and about getting COVID-19 oneself increased, as case numbers rose nationally.

The share of respondents who reported being very concerned about getting COVID-19 reached its highest point yet since we began tracking the pandemic’s effects on the diabetes community in March. The pandemic’s impact also differs greatly by race: Black and Latino respondents report higher levels of concern about the pandemic, as well as higher rates of diagnosis.

Respondents have dipped into their savings and used their stimulus checks to cover the cost of their care. Over one third of respondents with a household income below $50k have resorted to savings or money from stimulus payments. As expected, those with higher incomes are significantly less likely to have taken action to pay for their care.

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