Diabetes Educators

Diabetes Educators are a committed and highly influential group who play a pivotal role in determining how well diabetes treatment and technologies work for patients. Our Diabetes Educator Community members match the profile of the profession as a whole by geography, experience, and practice setting, and provide their unique perspective on the realities and challenges of diabetes care.

Why clients find our Diabetes Educator Community valuable:

  • Diabetes Educators play an important role in meeting the challenges of adherence and good diabetes management, and they influence the product choices made both by patients and by healthcare facilities.
  • Diabetes Educators provide a window into hard-to-research phases of the patient journey. Patients are most likely to work with an educator when their therapy is changing—starting a new medication; learning to use a pump, meter or CGM; or transitioning to more intensive insulin therapy.
  • Longitudinal data allows you to track awareness, opinions, and practice among Diabetes Educators over time.

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