News | April 2020

Diabetes supply availability during COVID-19 pandemic


To better understand the real impact of COVID-19 on diabetes medication and supply availability, we surveyed members of our US Patient Community earlier this week about their recent experiences refilling their prescriptions.

Over 4,700 people completed our survey in 48 hours. We also asked about the changes they expect to make to how they get their supplies because of COVID-19, and about how the pandemic has affected them so far.

While global diabetes supply chains have not been disrupted by COVID-19, there have been reports of short-term delays, people’s normal routines have been upended, and it has become more difficult (and risky) for people to visit pharmacies, stores, and doctors’ offices in-person to get the supplies and care they need.

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    We will continue to track the experiences and opinions of people with diabetes throughout the pandemic, and welcome your feedback and comments. If you have suggestions for questions we could be asking or would like to learn more, please let us know.

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