dQ&A Digital Health Insights


Over the past few years, the digital health industry has garnered high levels of interest and investment and has even been termedthe next trillion-dollar industry.” Digital health has also been one of the fastest growing segments of diabetes, and represents an enormous opportunity to obtain valuable data, shape patient behavior, and improve health outcomes.

To help our clients leverage the potential of this industry, dQ&A has launched a new biannual data service. dQ&A Digital Health Insights combines trended healthcare provider and patient research to present a thorough and efficient understanding of the diabetes digital health ecosystem and the factors that are driving its growth.

This service can also help clients:

  • Spot opportunities early for product development and potential partnerships
  • Track the market: identify market leaders and losers and assess your own competitive position
  • Prioritize features for a new app or new version
  • Obtain a benchmark for assessing a future competitive position
  • See through the hype to real patient and HCP experiences with digital health in diabetes

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