Blog Post | December 2019

dQ&A’s 10-Year Member Journeys


As 2019 comes to a close, we’re reflecting on our 10th year of representing the voices of people living with diabetes. Over the past decade, we have helped our clients channel the power of their insights through our longitudinal database of patient feedback, metrics, and outcomes.

We could not do this work without our incredible community members—our tracking studies now harness the voices of 18,000 people living with diabetes in the US, Canada, and Europe—and are thankful for the trust they have placed in our team. In particular, today we want to highlight the contributions of the 129 respondents who have taken every tracking survey since the start of dQ&A. That’s 42 surveys and over 4,000 data points per person over the last 10 years!

Living with diabetes often means living on a roller coaster—emotionally and physiologically. That our community members candidly share their personal trials and triumphs is a precious gift to dQ&A, to researchers and leaders designing new therapies and technologies, and to patient advocates striving to improve the future of diabetes care.

Please take a moment to learn about four of our 10-year members’ journeys below. They provide a powerful window into the experiences of people with diabetes, as well as a snapshot of the improvements that have happened over the last decade and the challenges that remain.

Despite all of the advancements over the past decade, there is significant work left to do in the diabetes space. We maintain the commitment we made 10 years ago to help improve the lives of those living with diabetes, and we thank each of you who share this vital mission.

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