Data Snack | May 2023

Endocrinologist Perspectives: Oral and Injectable Therapies

dQ&A conducted another wave of our Endocrinologist Perspectives research with n=190 endocrinologists across private offices, hospitals, community clinics, and managed care organizations.

Results indicated that:

  • Nearly all Endos (96%) prescribe GLP-1s to their patients with type 2 diabetes and 85% have had an increase in prescription frequency over the past year
  • 94% of Endos prescribe SGLT-2s to their T2 patients and 76% have had an increase in prescription frequency over the past year

From patient research, we know that there can be hesitation to start on insulin. This is reinforced by what Endos see in their offices. Most (86%) receive pushback at least some of the time when asking T2 PWDs to start on basal insulin and 69% agree that the use of these therapies has had an impact on the number of T2 patients using basal insulin.

We’ll be interested to see how these therapies impact insulin usage in T2 patients moving forward, particularly as insulin accessibility improves. Ultimately, dQ&A will continue to track the experience of both patients and healthcare professionals to ensure our clients are able to optimize their business strategy and deliver the best possible care to people with diabetes.

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