Focus Groups


Focus groups consist of 5-8 people who participate in a guided discussion, usually lasting between one and two hours. Groups “spark,” frequently uncovering previously unidentified issues related to the topic or generating ideas for new products, services, or solutions to problems. We often ask participants to complete a pre-group assignment, using their smartphone as a diary.

  • Deep exploration: concepts, names, packaging, claims
  • Better understanding of consumer language, attitudes, and beliefs before quantitative
  • Group context facilitates fun, creative exercises to get beneath the rational, surface answer
  • Understand how CGM changes family dynamics among parent caregivers and their kids
  • Uncover resonant messages and the benefits hierarchy for a new therapy designed to treat hypoglycemia
  • Explore infusion set design among pump patients to identify opportunities for product enhancement

“dQ&A moderators are truly amazing. They have a way of putting participants at ease. Their passion for and deep knowledge of diabetes shines through.”

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