Patient Journey Analysis


Patient journey analysis involves a longitudinal, comprehensive assessment of individuals’ experience with diabetes. At dQ&A, we have a proprietary database with hundreds of data points on thousands of people with diabetes, going back ten years. So we can answer many questions—quickly and cost-effectively—through a retrospective analysis of the respondent-level data. For example: when and why people started and stopped their diabetes drugs and devices, what they liked and disliked about those products, and how their health outcomes changed while on different treatment regimens.

We can also conduct qualitative research with patients and health care providers to dive deeper into key points along the patient’s journey. And through custom-designed prospective studies, we can follow a group of respondents over a period of weeks or months to understand their attitudes, behaviors, and outcomes in real-time.

  • Identify opportunities to better engage with patients at critical junctures, such as when they are diagnosed, when they need to start a second-line therapy, or when they start on their first insulin pump or CGM.
  • Untangle important differences between individuals that may be obscured when analyzing aggregated data.
  • Well-suited to the chronic nature of diabetes, where a moment-in-time snapshot can miss crucial details of people’s experience.
  • Investigate drivers of churn in the GLP-1 market.
  • Track how outcomes, such as A1c, BMI, frequency of hypoglycemia, and quality of life, change when people start on a next-generation basal insulin.
  • Understand the transition from MDI to insulin pump therapy—from why patients decide to switch, to what factors influence their choice of pump model, to their expectations for and satisfaction with their pump—to design an effective marketing strategy.

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