Product Concept Testing


Respondents are shown a neutral description of the product concept and then asked standardized questions about whether they would want to use (or prescribe) the product. We typically follow up with a series of questions to dig deeper into their preferences and attitudes towards the product. Results are adjusted to account for the gap between purchase intent and purchase behavior, and can be compared to scores for similar products we’ve tested in the past.

  • We’ve tested over 75 new concepts and products in diabetes, from the purely conceptual to the FDA-approved and fully commercialized. Our consistent approach means that you can benchmark your results against our database of tests, segments, and categories to see where you really stand.
  • Fast and relatively inexpensive way to get a read on your product idea
  • Understand which segments of the diabetes population are interested in your product and why
  • Explore how successful a new insulin pump concept will be among current pump users and patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes on multiple daily injections
  • Gauge interest in a GLP-1/basal insulin combination drug among different patient segments
  • Understand attitudes towards a new diet and online health coaching program

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