Unmet Needs/‘Jobs-to-be-Done’ Studies


The Jobs-to-be-Done framework is used to uncover important but underserved customer needs, which present opportunities for innovation, differentiation, and growth. This method involves breaking down the steps involved in a job—what patients or HCPs hope to accomplish in a given circumstance—and identifying the needs and desired outcomes at every step. Respondents rate these outcomes on importance and satisfaction, producing an “opportunity score” that captures the gap between how important an outcome is and how successful people are at achieving that outcome. Needs with high importance and high satisfaction are “table stakes,” while those with high importance and low satisfaction present the biggest business opportunities.

The success of Jobs-to-be-Done projects hinges on developing a comprehensive list of desired outcomes. Our deep understanding of the diabetes market, patient experiences, and the burden of diabetes management help ensure that we won’t miss any important customer needs.

  • Identify greatest unmet needs of your target patient and healthcare professional segments, and the most promising areas for innovation and growth
  • Focusing on the jobs-to-be-done, rather than the actual product, helps you think more broadly and creatively about how to design successful devices, therapies, applications, and services
  • Systematic way to think through all of the outcomes that matter to people with diabetes and healthcare providers, and consider needs that may not be immediately obvious
  • Identify greatest unmet needs for a diabetes app to solve
  • Understand opportunities for innovation and growth in the CGM space
  • Prioritize underserved areas in day-to-day diabetes management for an adjunctive medication to insulin therapy.
  • Uncover biggest opportunities to prevent hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia during specific situations throughout the day

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