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New Partnership Closes the Loop Between Clinical Data and Real-World Diabetes Experiences

San Francisco and Toronto, July 10, 2023 – dQ&A, the leading specialized diabetes research company, and LMC, the largest diabetes clinic network in North America, announce Diadem Insights, a breakthrough collaboration connecting real-world patient experience insights with validated clinical data for patients across the entire diabetes spectrum. The Diadem Insights Partnership will finally make it possible to explore, at scale, the connections between the daily lives of people with diabetes and the outcomes that healthcare professionals see on their charts

It’s no secret that outcomes for people with diabetes depend strongly on their daily behavior as well the skills of healthcare professionals. There are many personal, logistical, financial, and emotional burdens that can impact effective diabetes care. If patient outcomes are the “What” then Diadem Insights at last provides the tools to discover the “Why.” In turn, this deep understanding can deliver improvements in communications, adoption rates, adherence, new therapies, and above all, results.

The Diadem Insights Partnership links LMC’s detailed clinical data from a 50,000+ patient community to dQ&A’s insights about the patient experience beyond the doctor’s office. “We are truly excited about partnering with LMC to create Diadem,” notes Richard Wood, CEO of dQ&A. “Connecting real-world behavioral, attitudinal, and clinical data at the individual patient level produces a powerful research tool for delivering meaningful and sustained improvements to diabetes care and quality of life.”

“We know that many diabetes therapies fail to deliver on the promise of their clinical trial results, and that’s a source of frustration to patients, physicians, and payers.” says Nick Antoniadis, Director Strategic Partnerships at LMC. “Diadem will help unlock the full potential of the therapies and devices that our clinicians prescribe every day.”

The power of the Diadem Insights partnership lies in the integration of LMC’s clinical database and dQ&A’s deep experience collecting and analyzing patient experience data. Through Diadem Insights, people with diabetes will answer questions from dQ&A about their experiences and the therapies they use. This information is mapped to LMC’s clinical database, which contains over 60 data points on each individual, including prescriptions, health markers, outcomes, and demographics. The resulting privacy-protected and anonymized dataset delivers powerful insights into the challenges of leading a healthy life with diabetes – and how better health outcomes can be facilitated through the use of multi-modal data.

The Diadem Insights Partnership was set up to help researchers achieve six specific goals:

Real-World Perspectives: Integrate data direct from the clinic and the patient to uncover factors and unmet needs that are not identifiable through trial results, for a full, contextualized understanding of the patient experience beyond the doctor’s office.

True Burden of Diabetes: Combine current and trended lab result values for A1C, key clinical markers for complications, and important patient characteristics with real-life patient journeys to reveal the challenges and consequences of diabetes.

Challenges of Treatment: Understand the impact of issues that affect patient adherence and retention, like adverse events, side effects, treatment complexity, and more.

Patient Choices and Lifestyle: Meet patients where they are and explore the fundamental determinants of preferences and choices. Build deep understanding of the environment that therapies operate in.

Real-World Effectiveness: Make comparisons based on lab result data and other clinical factors combined with patient-reported outcomes, behavior change, and mental well-being.

Trial Participation: Build, develop, and rigorously test trial recruitment approaches and content with correctly targeted research and rich patient profiling.

The result of these goals is a holistic understanding of the lived experience of diabetes and the steps necessary to address the variety of challenges patients face. dQ&A and LMC believe that by uniting their resources and leveraging the power of the Diadem Partnership;

  • the diabetes industry will be able to create more valuable tools and therapies.
  • clinicians will be able to improve adherence and outcomes.
  • patients will have an improved quality of life.

To learn more about this initiative and how you can participate, contact Nick Antoniadis at or Richard Wood at the Diadem Insights team

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