Founded in 2009 by Richard Wood and Kelly Close, dQ&A is a social enterprise committed to making life better for people with diabetes.


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We conduct online/mobile surveys to help improve medicines, devices, and programs for those living with diabetes, parents of children with diabetes, and caregivers of people with diabetes. We are researchers dedicated to amplifying your voice.

Members of the dQ&A Community are paid to answer quarterly surveys while learning about new products and services. This input is invaluable for patient organizations, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and regulatory bodies to understand how they can reduce the burden of living with diabetes and improve health outcomes.

Since our founding, we have focused exclusively on understanding what life is like for those with diabetes. Many of our own lives have been touched by diabetes, so we have a personal stake in our work. We’d love to hear from you! If you’d like to join the 15,000+ people in our community, click here to join!

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