| January 2019

Ad Campaign with Patient Ambassadors

Client Medical device company Respondents Highly satisfied users of a particular medical device Used community to screen for participants Methods Online bulletin board community Experience with new medications Multi media

New Drug Evaluation

Client Pharma company Respondents n=20 people who recently started new medication Used community to quickly identify early adopters for new injectable Methods Telephone interviews Experience with new medication

New Product Focus Groups

Client Medical device company Respondents Adults, parents, and teenagers with type 1 or type 2 Mix of pump/MDI Methods Focus groups with new pump prototypes Size, shape, appearance User interface Battery life

New Product Concept Test

Client Medical device company Respondents n=750 type 1 adults and parents Segmented by adult/child, pump/MDI, CGM use Methods Product concept tests for new pump/CGM systems Compared with database of previous product concepts

Patient Preferences for the FDA

Client Global pharma company Respondents n=1,000 people with type 1 diabetes Segmented by A1c, CGM use, insulin delivery method Methods Online community, in-person dyad interviews, conjoint analysis Qualitative research followed by quantitative conjoint study.