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Patients Weathering Chaos but Seeing Results When Starting Mounjaro, According to Proprietary dQ&A® Research

First Look is a proprietary syndicated qualitative data service by dQ&A. Using proven qualitative research techniques, First Look provides the earliest insights on the authentic, real-world patient experience. Mounjaro is a once weekly injectable medicine approved for adults with type 2 diabetes to be used along with diet and exercise to improve blood sugar.  It also has an FDA fast-track designation for the treatment of obesity. In February 2023, dQ&A interviewed ten people with Type 2 diabetes and six people without diabetes, taking Mounjaro “off label” for weight loss, to understand the patient journey discovering, acquiring, starting, titrating, and using this new therapy.

SAN FRANCISCO, California, March 31, 2023 – Breaking research from dQ&A shows patients perceive great benefits but have had a disjointed initiation of new dual agonist therapy, Mounjaro. Participants have seen improved health outcomes but experience confusion and frustration achieving them.

The current shortage of this class of medications due to widespread media coverage of its weight loss benefits has proven detrimental to those who need the medication and has led to liberal switching between dosages and drugs. Participants expressed not only uncertainty about supply, but also fear of losing insurance coverage or patient financial assistance and not being able to afford their medication.

For those interviewed, the biggest trigger to start Mounjaro was a recommendation from a healthcare professional (HCP). Many people with diabetes were also motivated to try Mounjaro because of the loss of effectiveness of their prior regimen, usually Ozempic. Weight loss, improved glucose control, and reducing or eliminating other medications were key benefits that patients shared. However, reaching those benefits proved to be challenging for many due to difficulties accessing, affording, starting, and titrating. Those interviewed shared that across the board, there was often a lack of education, guidance, and training provided by HCPs.

There is tremendous potential in this therapy and many patients have reaped significant benefits. But to achieve long-term loyalty and to drive better health outcomes, it is imperative to understand the patient journey and ensure every step is accessible for patients. Leveraging patient experience data like First Look can help fine-tune current offerings and inform future launches. To learn more about the work dQ&A does and how it can facilitate the important work you do, send us an email at

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First Look is a proprietary qualitative research service from dQ&A designed to provide the earliest possible insights that help clients meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry. This research allows unprecedented access to how users experience recently launched diabetes products. Understand how well each product delivers its functional and emotional benefits to determine what works – and what needs more work. Quickly learn from authentic, real-world patient stories, using proven qualitative research techniques to drive better business results and better health outcomes.

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