Primary Care Physicians

Our panel of primary care physicians focuses on doctors who see a high number of patients with diabetes, and are accordingly writing higher volumes of prescriptions for oral diabetes drugs, insulin, GLP-1, and blood glucose testing. They face the serious challenge of helping their patients manage their diabetes with very limited time available per patient, and the additional burden of addressing diabetes complications and co-morbidities.

Why clients find our Primary Care Physician Community valuable:

  • 70% of our survey respondents with Type 2 diabetes tell us that a primary care physician was responsible for their last diabetes therapy change. PCPs hold the key to the successful and widespread management of this disease. Their experiences and opinions are an invaluable resource.
  • You can gauge awareness and interest for new products even before they are on the market. And once they are, you can track their take-up rate while learning more about their pros and cons for physicians and patients.
  • With the increasing impact of mobile technology on healthcare in mind, you can explore how PCPs work with patients beyond the office visit and gauge their views about technology.
  • Understanding the impact of your interactions and communications with PCPs is critical. We can help you assess your reputation with this community when it comes to diabetes.

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