Why Use dQ&A Qualitative Insights?


We specialize in diabetes-related qualitative research. It’s all we do.
Because of our exclusive focus on diabetes, we have a deep understanding of the patient experience. We can also recruit quickly and precisely from our patient and health care provider communities. And we offer the complete array of classic and cutting-edge qualitative methods.

We already know a lot about products for people with diabetes, so we don’t have a learning curve.
We have extensive experience evaluating products and services for people with diabetes. These include oral and injectable medications, pumps, continuous glucose monitors and automated insulin delivery devices, blood glucose meters, new therapies in clinical trials, health management programs and apps, and many other very interesting things!

We have conducted thousands of research sessions with people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and health care providers. We take pride in our work.
Segments profiled include teens, parents of kids with diabetes, adult caregivers, seniors, Loop/Open APS users, and adults with additional health conditions or taking a particular medication. We regularly interview health care providers, including renowned Key Opinion Leaders and practicing Endocrinologists, as well as Primary Care Physicians, Certified Diabetes Educators, and Pharmacists.

Our study topics range from discovering unmet needs to the tactical and practical. We’re here to help you.
Here are some examples of our recent work:

  • Exploring reactions to medications
  • Assessing health plans and apps
  • Discovering how different populations live with diabetes
  • Testing and refining diabetes devices in development
  • Interviewing Key Opinion Leaders about new therapy clinical trial design
  • Assessing the effectiveness of communications campaigns
  • Investigating prescribing practices and preferences, digging into what causes patient and prescriber inertia

We are experts in the full array of qualitative research techniques. We weren’t born yesterday. We have deep knowledge of qualitative methods, including focus groups; in-person, telephone, and webcam interviews; traditional ethnographies; and self-ethnographic approaches including online and mobile bulletin board communities. We regularly attend qualitative research and diabetes industry conferences to stay abreast of updates and innovations.

dQ&A Qualitative Insights is led by Alice Morgan, an experienced and published qualitative researcher who joined dQ&A after her son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Alice and her team of moderators are smart, strategic, and know diabetes.