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    Diabetes Technology

    Want to see how technology can help your diabetes? Click any of the links to see the amazing tools we’ve found people with diabetes using to check their blood sugar, take insulin, and more.

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    Physical Activity

    Everybody needs regular physical activity, not just people with diabetes. Our Favorite Four links show how easy you can make physical activity a part of your weekly routine inside or outside of the gym.

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    Food and Nutrition

    Diabetes doesn’t have to steal your joy of eating. If you’re following a low carb meal plan or no particular meal plan, there’s useful tips about food and diabetes a click away.

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    Share Your Story

    dQ&A has an awesome community of people with diabetes who share their experiences through surveys and get paid for their time.
    If you’d like to share your diabetes journey with us, sign up here!

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    Blood Sugar Changes: Highs and Lows

    Hypoglycemia can happen when taking some diabetes medications, and high blood sugar (Hyperglycemia) is often the first sign of diabetes. These links provide tips for preparing for, recovering from, and reducing experiences with hypoglycemia, and for reducing high blood sugar and avoiding spikes.

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