Discounts for Medication and Supplies

Having diabetes can be very costly for a lot of people. The cost of insulin has risen over the years, but there are resources available to help you manage the costs. There are some less expensive versions of insulin, such as Walmart’s Novolin ReliOn insulin. Generic versions of insulin are also less expensive, such as Eli Lilly’s Insulin Lispro or Novo Nordisk’s Insulin Aspart.

Resources such as prescription discount cards are available from drug companies to help you reduce out-of-pocket costs on your diabetes medications. You can find these prescription discount cards by looking on the drug or device website or checking out prescription savings sites like GoodRx or Inside Rx. Next time you go to the pharmacy, bring your card for a discount on your prescription.

Our Favorite Four Tips:

  1. Use prescription discount cards
  2. Look into generic versions of insulin
  3. Enroll in a Patient Assistance Program
  4. Ask your doctor for samples

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