Food and Nutrition

Eating healthy when you have diabetes can be delicious and affordable. The diabetes plate method is the easiest way to monitor your food intake. Using a 9-inch size plate and filling half of it with non-starchy vegetables such as collard greens, kale, or okra is the first step. Then the other half of the plate is split between lean protein (fish, chicken) and carbohydrates (cornbread, potato salad).

Another method for eating well with diabetes is knowing how many carbs you eat. Carb-counting requires reading the food labels and/or memorizing the numberof carbohydrates in each food item.For example, ½ cup of grits is 15 grams of carbs. One tip for carb-counting is to start with the foods you eat regularly.

Both of these methods help to reduce your portion sizes while giving you the chance to eat the foods you love and manage diabetes easily.

Our Favorite Tips:

  1. Use store brands to save money
  2. Focus on high-fiber foods
  3. Eat more vegetables and protein
  4. Replace frying with grilling and roasting when you can

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