Mental and Emotional Wellness

At times diabetes can feel like a heavy burden. When checking your blood sugar, counting carbs, and maintaining daily physical activity becomes too much, that’s called “Diabetes Burnout” or “Diabetes Distress.” You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed, and there are resources to help.

During those times when we need an extra boost of support, remember to share your feelings with your loved ones, your healthcare team, and/or counselors that specialize in diabetes care.

Below we share resources for managing diabetes distress and taking care of your mental health. Many people with diabetes find support from family or friends, or join peer support communities, such as diabetes online communities, to support each other and share diabetes knowledge.

Our favorite four tips:

  1. Find others with diabetes to support you through the hard days
  2. Acknowledge your feelings and take it one task at a time
  3. Set aside time to do something that brings you joy
  4. Talk to your healthcare providers about your feelings

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