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In the dQ&A Patient Voice USA quarterly survey, we explored sleep issues for 6,000 people with diabetes. Using the PROMIS sleep quality scale, we compared their scores to the general US population (average PROMIS score is 50).

Over a third (37%) of people with diabetes report poor quality sleep, and about half suffer from restless sleep or have trouble staying asleep.

People who live with diabetes complications experience even worse sleep than people with diabetes as a whole.

People feel more refreshed in the morning when they have better glucose control, and when they spend more time in target.

Diabetes technology is helping, but there is opportunity for improvement.

Hypoglycemia-related alarms and alerts interrupt sleep “often” for 1 in 5 users.

44% of AID system users are highly satisfied with sleep quality improvements that they attribute to their AID system.

However, overall sleep quality scores are similar for CGM/AID users and non-users.

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