News | May 2022

T2 Insulin Insights Data Service

Now is the time to better understand those living with type 2 on insulin: a population that accounts for roughly 20% of the total diabetes population, and is the largest consumer of diabetes therapeutic products. Adoption of CGM and connected devices is growing fast, and changing patient experiences and expectations. Because patient involvement is critical to the success of treatments, rich data from authentic patients is crucial to address shortcomings and opportunities in how therapies perform.

dQ&A – T2 Insulin Insights is a unique semi-annual Research Service that unravels the complexities of the lived experience for people with type 2 diabetes who take insulin. Based on in-depth research with thousands of patients and over a decade of trended data, T2 Insulin Insights delivers pivotal research to answer key business questions.

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About dQ&A – The Diabetes Research Company

dQ&A is the gold standard for diabetes research. For over ten years, we have been tracking the experiences and opinions of people with diabetes (and their providers) in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Our clients work with us to develop new products, understand their competitive position, test concepts, raise funding, create marketing campaigns – or whenever there is a need for fast, reliable, high quality diabetes insights. We are a business partner that deeply understands your business, your product and your end customer – because diabetes is our focus and our passion. Our team has decades of experience in quantitative and qualitative research and a deep knowledge of diabetes.

Many of our own lives have been touched by diabetes, so we have a personal stake in our work. To learn more and to see research highlights, follow us on LinkedIn.