| January 2019

Customers Ex 5

“dQ&A is always ahead of the curve with comprehensive, meaningful data. Their insights have helped fill knowledge gaps and provided objective quantification. A valued resource that I would recommend to others.”

Customers Ex 4

“dQ&A is our first stop for quantitative, patient market research (especially if time constrained).”

Customers Ex 3

“dQ&A is delightful to work with and their qualitative reports are the best I’ve ever read. Their moderator’s strong knowledge, energy and passion shines through.”

Customers Ex 2

“dQ&A’s qualitative market research enabled us to gain greater insight into what future products and improvements our customers would like us to focus on, and understand the underlying relevant trends in the marketplace.”

Customers Ex 1

“dQ&A has large numbers of diabetes, T2D and insulin patients at their disposal as well as other customers and understands diabetes as well, if not better, than we do.”