Data Snack | March 2023

Time in Range Outcomes from Six European Countries

Our European research uncovered interesting outcomes related to patients’ Time in Range (TIR) – the amount of time spent with blood glucose values in their target range, which is typically between 70 and 180 mg/dL.

We discovered that across all dQ&A Community Members in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and France, 45% of patients report achieving >70% TIR.

It is notable that there are significant differences between countries studied. A greater number of respondents in Italy (53%), Germany (51%), and the Netherlands (50%) achieve >70% TIR than those in Sweden (46%), the United Kingdom (39%), and France (32%).

Multiple health outcomes are associated with spending greater Time in Range. But some of those reported by our dQ&A EU Community Members are:

  • Better Sleep Quality: PWD with TIR >70% are more likely to be satisfied with their sleep, have refreshing sleep, get enough sleep on an average night, and have “good” sleep quality than those with TIR ≤70%.
  • Lower Emotional Burden: PWD with TIR >70% report having a lower emotional burden than those with TIR ≤70%. Meaning a significantly greater percent of respondents with TIR ≤70% feel that diabetes management takes too much effort, feel unmotivated and overwhelmed by their diabetes, and feel burnt out by diabetes management than those with TIR >70%.
  • Decreased Experience with Stigma: PWD with TIR >70% report having more infrequent stigma experiences than those with TIR ≤70%. A significantly greater percent of respondents with TIR ≤70% report that they feel embarrassed because of their diabetes, they find it hard to tell others, and they feel alone because of their diabetes than those with TIR >70%.

We are interested in how patients, providers, and payers could leverage the panoply of devices and therapies to achieve better outcomes and how those of us in the industry could assist.

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