True trended insights, from both patients and HCPs, to bring clarity to your decision making

New Data and Insights Available

Data and Insights from:

  • 3,500 fully-validated current, former and potential GLP-1 and SGLT-2 patients (Ozempic; Mounjaro; Wegovy; Trulicity; Victoza; Rybelsus; Jardiance; Farxiga; Invokana)
  • dQ&A’s 2022 and 2023 national surveys of Endocrinologists and Primary Care Physicians
  • Qualitative Endocrinologist and PCP interviews
  • Five year drug class and brand trends, updated every 90 days
  • Patient Satisfaction and NPS trended from 2016 to today
GLP-1s: 3x growth since 2016, and accelerating

Answers to key questions about:

  • HCP prescribing trends and intentions
  • Endocrinologist and Primary Care reasons to prescribe
  • Patient expectations and experiences
  • ‘Patient Pull’ vs. ‘Prescriber Push’
  • Patient Reasons for switching and quitting
  • Patient Future Intentions

Options for:

  • Custom reports, dataset pulls and analysis
  • Follow-up custom questions and surveys
  • Qualitative deep dives from our expert team
  • Presentations and discussions about the implications for your business.

Available Now:

with regular updates throughout 2024