News | March 2020

Virtual qualitative research uncovers the real story of insulin rationing


Thank you to all of the healthcare providers, public health workers, and many other members of our communities who are working tirelessly to keep us healthy.

We don’t know yet whether COVID-19 will lead to an increase in insulin rationing, but it has been a reality in the lives of people with diabetes for some time. Throughout this pandemic, we will be continuing our work to shed light on the prevalence and impact of insulin rationing. For now, we wanted to share the results of our recent research on this topic.

In this study, we reached out to our US Patient Community – combining qualitative and quantitative research – to explore the realities of insulin rationing and to better understand its physical and emotional effects. Please watch the video below to hear directly from our community members about their experiences.

Every video shown is of a real member of the dQ&A community and is used with their permission.

To learn more, please click here to download our quantitative report.

While in-person research isn’t feasible right now, virtual qualitative research is a compelling way to understand the experiences of people with diabetes. Frequently conducted over several days, it reveals more of the daily reality of diabetes, and because participants respond from the comfort of their own homes, they give more candid answers. It can also reach a diverse group of people from around the country (or countries). Selfie videos, like the ones shared above, provide an especially powerful, authentic window into people’s daily lives.

Thank you to all of the community members who participated in this research.

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