From presenting breakthrough insights to your stakeholders to co-authoring groundbreaking studies, we believe in partnering closely with executives, functional leaders, and market research teams to make change.

We are genuinely invested in your success. Over half of our team lives with diabetes or has a loved one who does.

Richard’s role as CEO is to uphold our company vision and to oversee the growth of our organization and offerings. But most importantly, he is dedicated to ensuring that our clients are always delighted. 

“We are in the business of making life better for people with diabetes. It’s a mission that inspires a very special culture. I’ve had the chance to build an environment where people love to work on something they believe in. There is plenty of work left to do together.”

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Alice runs qualitative research services at dQ&A. She conducts her own research, recruits and trains our top quality diabetes moderators, and partners closely with clients to support their success. Like dQ&A, Alice is the real deal. 

“In 2015, my son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I came across a handout of pump customer satisfaction ratings across various attributes. Turns out that this data came from dQ&A. I was convinced this is where I needed to spend the rest of my career. It is an honor coming to work every day to help make this chronic condition less of a burden for the millions of people living with it. And I could not imagine a more committed and lovely group of people to work with on this journey.” 

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Erik builds special long term relationships with some of dQ&A’s leading technology clients, ensuring that they have the insights and the support they need across the entire product life cycle. All with the goal of driving business success through more confident decision making.

“Diabetes has a profound impact on a person’s day-to-day life. Our ability to partner with clients to deliver actionable and reliable insights that will be used to improve the lives of those impacted by the disease (including my own!) is incredibly motivating to me.”

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For years, Christianne has been designing and delivering complex methodologies to tackle the trickiest research objectives. She architected our European data services and specializes in mission-critical client engagements.

“I have been working with dQ&A for over ten years, 100% focused on diabetes. I have seen a lot in that time! Nothing gets me more excited than being trusted by a client to partner on a major project with important implications for their business. I so love bringing key insights to those mission-critical decisions.”

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