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Meet Regina

Type 1 diabetes

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Meet Edith

Type 2 diabetes

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Meet Philip

Type 2 diabetes

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Channel the power of patient insights – for better products and services, better health outcomes, and better business results.

Every stage of the product lifecycle can be improved by listening carefully to the people who matter most – people living with diabetes. Whether you want to develop products people are eager to use, build a brand that resonates with your market, or demonstrate the real-world preferences that inform regulatory decisions, you should begin with one step:

Understanding the thoughts, actions, fears, and desires of real people with diabetes.

Diabetes is complex and challenging. There are no easy answers, and in many cases, the only thing people with diabetes have in common is the diagnosis. At dQ&A, we have built an expert understanding of people with diabetes – what they like and dislike, and how they live, think, act, and feel.

We faithfully represent the voices of thousands of patients to capture the depth and breadth of their experiences. Our research helps clients design new customer-centric products, smooth the regulatory and reimbursement pathways, understand the patient/physician relationship, create better marketing campaigns, and make patient-informed
business decisions.


Tracking the Diabetes Drugs Revolution

Patient, Endocrinologist, Primary Care Experiences and Expectations with GLP-1s and SGLT-2s

True trended insights, from both patients and HCPs, to bring clarity to your decision making

Let’s talk about better diabetes research.