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Meet Regina

Type 1 diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes

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Channel the power of patient insights – for better products and services, better health outcomes, and better business results.

Every stage of the product lifecycle can be improved by listening carefully to the people who matter most – people living with diabetes. Whether you want to develop products people are eager to use, build a brand that resonates with your market, or demonstrate the real-world preferences that inform regulatory decisions, you should begin with one step:

Understanding the thoughts, actions, fears, and desires of real people with diabetes.

Diabetes is complex and challenging. There are no easy answers, and in many cases, the only thing people with diabetes have in common is the diagnosis. At dQ&A, we have built an expert understanding of people with diabetes – what they like and dislike, and how they live, think, act, and feel.

We faithfully represent the voices of thousands of patients to capture the depth and breadth of their experiences. Our research helps clients design new customer-centric products, smooth the regulatory and reimbursement pathways, understand the patient/physician relationship, create better marketing campaigns, and make patient-informed
business decisions.

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Meet Brian

Type 1 diabetes

dQ&A member since 2010

what makes dq&a different?

Large communities lead to rapid, reliable results

We do so much more than assemble panels – we build large, diverse, validated communities of people at all ages, from all backgrounds, in the United States, Canada, and Europe. New members have to go through an intensive vetting process to ensure their integrity and response quality. The size of our patient base translates into speed. We can instantaneously identify precise segments and then quickly get the answers you need, without delays for recruiting or screening, or the risk of low-quality sample.

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Meet Eduardo
(and Milly)

Type 2 diabetes

dQ&A member since 2012

what makes dq&a different?

We’re tuned to patients’ voices

For more than ten years, dQ&A has listened attentively – and exclusively – to people with diabetes, and the family members and healthcare professionals who care for them. Years of back-and-forth communication have tuned us in to the world of the diabetes patient, allowing us to serve as the bridge between their needs and yours. We know how to ask the right questions and anticipate problems to avoid bias and intercept misunderstandings before they undermine studies. Many of us have diabetes, or have a loved one with the disease, so our work is imbued with a deep sense of empathy and understanding.


Deep bonds, deep data, deep confidence

Our long relationships with community members create a body of multidimensional, longitudinal data that’s crammed with information about all aspects of patient life. We have thousands of patient stories and have tested dozens of products. With our deep reservoir of previous findings, we can help you refine your discovery process and put results in context – so you can quickly and confidently navigate to insights you can trust.

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Meet Our Community Members

Everyone with diabetes is connected by the daily question of what to eat and when. Building a healthy relationship with food is a make-or-break challenge in diabetes management, but it’s easier said than done. Hear from a few of our members about attitudes, behaviors, and challenges surrounding food and diabetes.

Our Expertise

Regardless of the specifics, understanding patient power is key. It wasn’t always this way. But each year, patient power grows stronger.

For Patients

Patient pull and patient popularity are increasing drivers of clinical and commercial success.

For Physicians

Direct-to-consumer advertising, and the availability of treatment information online, drives more and more leverage with physicians.

For Payers

Patient acceptance and relevant real-world outcomes are increasingly important for payers.

For Regulators

Regulatory agencies, including the FDA and EMA, are factoring patient preferences into their regulatory decisions.

Harness these trends by placing people with diabetes, the “end-consumers,” at the center of your business and product strategy.

Meet Cindy

Type 2 diabetes

dQ&A member since 2010

What We Do

  • Conduct research with people with diabetes and healthcare providers
  • Perform syndicated and custom studies in North America and Europe
  • Offer full range of qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Use expertise and data to drive product ideation and development, and regulatory, reimbursement, and prescriber decisions
  • Enhance marketing, investor relations, and corporate strategy

Why dQ&A

  • 10+ years of experience in diabetes research
  • Fast, easy access to diverse patient populations
  • Deep, longitudinal knowledgebase and database of tested questions
  • Expertise in both the diabetes industry and the diabetes patient
  • We deliver trustworthy insights quickly and efficiently

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dQ&A Communities

Your studies are only as strong as the respondents answering your inquiries. Investigators beware: online consumer panels are susceptible to unprecedented levels of ever-more sophisticated fraud and fakery.

That’s why we’ve carefully built our own communities of people with diabetes in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Our members are the bedrock of our company. Their experiences and perspectives help the diabetes field create more effective medicines, devices, services, consumer products, and digital tools that make our world healthier. We’re grateful to them for their generous sharing of insights.

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Let’s talk about better diabetes research.