Diabetes Data Solutions


Data Services

  • Over the last 14 years, dQ&A has created an extensive trended dataset of patient and physician data, across many countries and numerous diabetes products.
  • This data is updated every three months and contains an abundance of valuable insight.
  • You can access this data directly, or request specific data and insights from our customer service teams.


  • dQ&A regularly publishes topical reports that illuminate critical insights in real time.
  • Our timely reports cover specific issues in diabetes such as hypoglycemia, real time reactions to new drugs and devices, the impact of GLP-1, and digital health.

Custom Research Solutions



  • Our qualitative research team has the most diabetes-specific moderating experience on the market.
  • We strategically apply both classic and cutting-edge research techniques.
  • We ask the right questions in the right way to get to a deeper level of understanding, and pride ourselves on the clarity of our insights.


  • Our versatile quantitative research team has both depth of diabetes knowledge and breadth of research techniques.
  • Our proprietary panels give us instant access to hard-to-find patient and HCP groups.
  • We apply methodologies like Conjoint Analysis, MaxDiff, and Jobs to Be Done to reveal the full picture of patient behaviors and preferences.

Solutions In Action: Case Studies

dQ&A Diabetes Data Services - Patient Voice (USA and Europe)

Major Medical Device Manufacturer
“How Do We Respond to Competition?”


dQ&A’s Patient Voice Data Services allowed the client to understand the market dynamics across eight countries over time. They were able to track where competitors were gaining or losing share – and why. We also helped them identify opportunities to improve their product by benchmarking real-life patient experience and customer service against the competition.

Our US and EU Patient Voice Data Services boast a large, representative sample of real people living with diabetes. Each quarter dQ&A tracks their behavior, their attitudes and their satisfaction of drugs, devices and many other products and services that touch their lives. This database has become the ‘gold standard’ for the diabetes industry.

Typical Use Cases:

  • Business strategy
  • Competitive assessment
  • Improving patient experience
  • Understanding adherence and switching
  • Market share and market trend analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Making published claims

“dQ&A provides a true ongoing tracker look over time. They always inject new content, and they're always on top of things - what's hot and what's new. We consistently get value out of it!”

Insights Manager, Diabetes Manufacturer

dQ&A Healthcare Provider Perspectives (Endocrinologist and Primary Care)

Brand Name Diabetes Supplier
“Will Doctors Prescribe Our New Products?”


Our Endocrinologist and Primary Care trackers delivered ongoing clarity on how prescribers viewed our client’s products and its competitors. Prescribers made it clear which drugs and devices were likely to perform better in the future. We then curated and contextualized the insights to aid C-suite strategic planning.

dQ&A’s Endocrinologist Perspectives and Diabetes in Primary Care data services regularly study endocrinologists and primary care physicians to understand trends in prescription behavior across drugs, devices, software, and digital health.

Typical Use Cases:

  • Market share forecasting
  • Anticipating prescribing behavior
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Detailing needs
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Digital strategy
  • Making published claims

“Their syndicated services are absolutely essential for the business.”

Business Intelligence Manager, Insulin Pump Manufacturer

dQ&A Custom Qualitative Research Solutions

Leading Pump Manufacturer
“How Do We Deliver Effective Training?”


The client wanted to ensure that patients could safely and easily learn how to begin using a new pump. dQ&A conducted ‘unboxing’ in-depth interviews with participants from their homes via special cameras. Through this innovative technique, we captured their reactions as they reviewed the materials and set up their pump. The client was able to use the insights to enhance packaging and training materials.

dQ&A’s qualitative research services provide a deeper look into the perspectives of patients and healthcare providers. dQ&A works closely with each client to determine the right methodologies to answer the tough questions. Our skilled, empathetic in-house moderators have personal connections to the disease and can get to the heart of the matter in a way no one else can.

Typical Use Cases:

  • Deep-dive into patient product experiences
  • Uncovering unmet and unarticulated patient needs
  • Understanding HCP prescribing motivators and pain points
  • Building detailed knowledge of HCP workflow issues
  • Designing winning communication and messaging strategies
  • R&D strategy
  • Product concept testing
  • Digital health app usability
  • User experience testing
  • Packaging Optimization
  • Training Effectiveness
  • Ethnographic studies

“I was super impressed by the qualitative team. The readout of the presentation and the synthesis of the insights -- it was what you expect from a really good insights team. A super positive experience there.”

Brand Manager, Pharma

dQ&A Custom Quantitative Research Solutions

Venture Backed Manufacturer Commercializing a New Diabetes Device
“How Do We Positively Influence Physicians?”


dQ&A partnered with the client to track user experience of an insulin delivery device relative to their prior therapy. Surveys were administered on switching and after two months to understand behavior and satisfaction, using a validated tool. The results were published in a peer reviewed journal (Clinical Diabetes) and used to educate healthcare providers.

dQ&A delivers premier custom quantitative research services for its clients, across the entire product life cycle. Whatever the challenge – global or national, large or small, patients or HCPs – dQ&A has answers. Clients trust us because of our track record and singular focus on diabetes.

Typical Use Cases:

  • Understanding market size and potential for product concepts
  • Developing new products, prioritizing new features
  • Supporting Regulatory Submissions
  • Studying currently available competitor products
  • Refining marketing and messaging
  • Measuring patient preferences
  • Measuring prevalence of specific behaviors
  • Triangulating between prescriber and patient perspectives
  • Obtaining hard evidence to support business cases

“I am impressed with the ease at which we are able to get insights from [dQ&A]. You really are head-and-shoulders above the others.”

Insights Manager, major manufacturer

dQ&A Custom Enterprise Solutions

Fortune 500 Pharma Manufacturer
“How Do We Make Our Patient Experience Better?”


The client wanted to understand the challenges and unmet needs of administering an injectable diabetes drug. dQ&A executed a qualitative study, in which we observed people inject their medicine and then asked them to recount the experience immediately afterwards. This “in the moment” feedback was much richer than the typical interview. Quantitative research of both patients and healthcare providers was designed to follow up these hypotheses, utilizing a conjoint design. The results helped the client to improve both patient and provider education.

dQ&A has the industry knowledge, expertise and track record to handle mission-critical multi-phase projects. We team up with major companies who need to be certain that their research partner is going to execute perfectly and add value to their decision-making process.

Typical Use Cases:

  • Direct major R&D investments
  • Significantly improve the patient experience
  • Publish credible research in peer-reviewed journals
  • Conduct foundational research regarding healthcare provider needs
  • Substantiate claims for financial, marketing or regulatory purposes
  • Refine and test business strategy prescriptions at the C-level

“Through our partnership [with dQ&A], we have gained invaluable understanding, which has significantly contributed to [our] strategy.”

Executive, Major Manufacturer